Jack Harlow Just Found Out Brandy & Ray J Are Siblings: Hip-Hop and R&B Fans Shocked

Jack Harlow Just Found Out Brandy & Ray J Are Siblings: Hip-Hop and R&B Fans Shocked: Jack Harlow is being trolled on  Twitter as he didn’t know that Brandy & Ray J are siblings. The rapper is feeling shame about it, but he has mentioned that no one told him about them, and I also never got a hint from somewhere about their relationship.

The rapper is in the mid of the release of his new album, “Come Home The Kids Miss You” found the first time that  Brandy & Ray J are siblings and made R&B fans are shocked and trolled him as even the little child also knows the Ray J is the younger brother of Brandy.

Jack Harlow was in a tight spot right now because of his interview with New York’s Hot 97. The blunder began when the host Ebro Darden and the Hot 97 crew told the rapper to play a game in which they play a song from the era and he have to recognize the name of the artist.

First, the crew played Brandy’s 1999 song “Angel In Disguise”, the rapper looked confused and then first guessed Aaliyah but this was the wrong answer and the host denied quickly his answer.

They insist Harlow listen to the song carefully and guess one more time. This time he listened with more attention for a long time he was able to listen to Brandy’s distinct voice but he still looked confused and was not able to recognize the song. The host was also shocked and to help the Harlow to give him a close hint that” she had a TV show or starred in the current TV”.

But then also Jack Harlow was looking stumped and seeking one more hint and one member of the crew said that his brother had an amazing sex tape with Kim Kardashian. Then the rapper guessed and asked, “ Who’s Ray J’s sister”.  They were also stunned to see the rapper unaware of Ray J’s sister and revealed that Brandy is  Ray J’s sister.

Still, Jack Harlow was shocked to know the name of Ray J’s sister and said, he discovered first time about their relationship and that clip went viral on Twitter. Fans started to troll him on Twitter.

One user mentioned his 9 yrs old daughter knows the relation of Brandy & Ray J and how can it happen, that Jack Harlow didn’t aware of it “.

And another user said, “Not knowing Brandy and Ray J are siblings that can be ok but not recognizing Brandy’s voice, unacceptable.







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