Is it true Stephanie McMohan leaving WWE? : Rumors Sparked after she changes her LinkedIn work history

Is it true Stephanie McMohan leaving WWE? Rumors Sparked after she changes her LinkedIn work history: She has been associated with WWE for a long time and has changed her LinkedIn profile and it no longer has her work history. This has sparked several rumors that she has quit WWE. Interestingly, she did not make an announcement in this regard but David Bixenspon from noticed the change and mentioned it on his Twitter account. For worldwide news follow

Is it true Stephanie McMohan leaving WWE?

Stephanie later responded to the issue and said that she plans to take a break but wants to return to WWE. David also pointed out that her top header photo still has her picture along with the WWE logo and even her “About” section also has her several accomplishments with WWE.

Stephanie Chief Brand Officer of WWE:-

According to reports, Stephanie’s About section mentions that she is responsible for handling the brand strength of WWE at the global level as Chief Brand Officer. Apart from that, she also has to oversee the community relations and cultural strategies including pop to take the sport to a wider audience.

Stephanie the pillar of strength:-

It is important to note that Stephanie has been the pillar of strength, especially for Women’s WWE and women started getting in good limelight only after she started handling the affairs. As a TV personality, she has also appeared on several programs of WWE and she was even listed as one of the Most Powerful Women in Sports by Adweek.

Stephanie World’s Most Influential CMO:-

Stephanie McMohan leaving WWE

Even Forbes had mentioned her as one of the World’s Most Influential CMO for the last two years. There were rumors that Stephanie was not involved much in the activities of WWE in recent months but the representatives of WWE had issued a clarification that she was part of the team and there were no issues.

Nick Khan would take over his responsibilities for Stephanie:-

Nick Khan wwe duties

It was even reported in some sections of the media that Nick Khan would take over the responsibilities of Stephanie in the future, Stephanie McMohan leaving WWE. After all this news started coming in the media, Stephanie issued a clarification through Twitter saying that she plans to take a leave of absence from WWE and looks forward to returning to the company at a later stage. She also mentioned that she wants to focus on her family at this stage and take some time off from work.

Bixenspon Tweets:-

Once the clarification was issued, Bixenspon tweeted in regards to Stephanie McMohan leaving WWE, that it may be a small mistake from the management team to remove the work section from a LinkedIn account and things are looking normal at the WWE office.

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