Is Darcy Shea Safe? A woman, 60 is arrested in the kidnapping case  of a little Blackpool girl, Darcy Shea, 8

Is Darcy Shea Safe? A woman, 60 is arrested in the kidnapping case  of a little Blackpool girl, Darcy , 8:  The police found a girl, Darcy Shea safe and found in this today afternoon. The girl was abducted from the outside St Cuthbert’s Primary School on Lightfoot Avenue shortly around 9 am on Friday. The concerned police authority revealed to the public that they found the missing girl today afternoon around  3.20 pm in a resort. The girl is safe and sound now. It is also big news for us. The girl was kidnapped from the school then the police launched an appeal in favour of her and give all the details to the public. For more wolrdwide news follow

Is Darcy Shea Safe? 

Darcy Shea

The police requested the public to come forward if they have any information regarding this kidnapping case. If someone sees the girl anywhere and with anyone, please call us to help them to find the girl as soon as possible. The appeal went viral on the internet and the public came to help the police to find the girl.  Someone from the crowd has revealed the information about her presence in the resort. The investigating officers have reached there and get the girl home back safely to her parents.  Later the police also thanked the person (unknown name) to help the officers to save a girl’s life.

Is Darcy Shea Suspect Arrested?

Jane  Prior, 60 years woman has been arrested for kidnapping the girl from the school. The woman is interrogated in the police station to find out the hidden truth about the girl’s kidnapping. As per the reports, the girl and kidnapper Jane are known to each other but the lady has no right to pick up the girl from the school. The kidnapping case also put a big question on the school authority, how did they allow the lady to pick up girl from the school.

The investigation Reports of Darcy Shea kidnapping:-

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The investigation is going on to detail the whole incident to the public and the girl’s parents. The woman is the mother of Kendall Rae Knight. This is a so strange case for the police to find out the truth behind the case. However, the woman was not accepted to be involved in the girl’s kidnapping. The police are on the track to find out the truth.

After arresting the woman the police officers again appealed to the parents and all school authorities to be more concerned about the safety of the kids.  We are so lucky that we found the girl safe . But we all should be more concerned about the safety of kids to avoid any kinda danger of in their lives. The police again thanked the man who called the police to offer great help to find the girl safe and sound.

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