India’s first Sologami: A woman is marrying herself:

India’s first Sologami: A woman is marrying herself: Can you imagine, that a young woman, who is a blogger, is marrying herself? This type of marriage is heard in the country for the first time.

A 24-year-old blogger going to get married to herself only, she is a blogger by profession. She is from Vadodara, Gujarat. Moreover, she will be on a honeymoon as well, and that too for two weeks.

Till now, we have heard about traditional marriages, where a girl gets married to a boy, a boy with a boy, or a girl with a girl. Although these are also seen as Taboo in India. And now the new type of marriage is seen in Vadodara, Gujarat. Where a girl is getting married to a girl only.

Her name is Kshama Bindu and she is a blogger. Although she is having a very huge fan following, these days she is getting famous for a new reason. All her fans and followers and very curious to know about her.

This special marriage will take place on 11th June 2022. Her groom was not ready to get married to her, so she decided to do this. All the traditional rituals will be done, such as sindoor, feres, etc.

She recalls a very famous dialogue from a web series – everyone wants to be a bride but not a wife. So, it’s the best chance to live like this. She said that she is the first person to do this in India.

She is very well educated academically; she is a graduate of sociology. This is a commitment for her. She has to take care of herself. She said furthermore that she loves herself very much. In traditional marriage, people fulfill their promises done for others, whether they don’t want it or not. But, she will do whatever she likes to do. Instead of 7 pheres, she will take 5 in her marriage.

Her marriage functions will start from 9th June onwards with the Mehandi ceremony. Everyone from India is excited to see that wedding.

What is a sologami? Everything you must read about it

When a person marriage himself or herself is called a sologami or autogamy. The marriage takes place as we do in our traditional method, including all the guests, cake, and later on a reception. Here, they think that they can take care of themselves completely. And they don’t need anyone else as a life partner.

Earlier this was done abroad, but this is the first case in India, where a blogger did sologami. And she is becoming very viral.

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