How to watch first Lunar Eclipse of 2022 ?

How to watch first Lunar Eclipse of 2022 ?The moon is all set to turn blood red tonight due to the shadow of Earth falling over the moon. The year’s first lunar eclipse is all set to happen on Sunday night and people in the United States can get to watch it completely tonight. The lunar eclipse is set to happen at around 11.30 pm in the East Coast and this happens to be one of the longest eclipses in recent times.

What time is the Lunar Eclipse happening and Where to watch it ?

Scientists from NASA have confirmed that this is visible for most regions of North America. Apart from that, most regions of Europe and Africa along with Pacific regions can experience this eclipse. According to estimates by NASA scientists, nearly 2.7 billion people will be able to watch the eclipse tonight.

The eclipse will begin with the left side of the moon getting covered by the shadow of the earth. This is set to happen soon after sunset and enthusiasts can start watching the event from that period. However, the main eclipse starts around 10.28 pm Eastern time and this is the period when the moon reaches umbra which is the central shadow of Earth. After some time, this will starts getting a reddish hue and the best part is all set to occur around 11.29 pm. It is all set to peak around 12.12 am and the reddish colour can be seen till almost 1 am midnight. The event is set to end around 1.56 am.

On the West side, viewers will get to see the action begin around 8.29 pm Pacific time and the peak period happens around 9.12 pm. According to scientists, this is the longest lunar eclipse in the US since August 1989.

Interestingly, weather is likely to play spoilsport in New York and other regions as there are chances of rain on Sunday night. If you are not able to catch the action live due to bad weather conditions, you can catch the live stream of the lunar eclipse from the website of NASA.

Do we need special equipment to watch this lunar eclipse?

Luckily, you can catch it with naked eyes as there is no harm in looking at the lunar eclipse. Darker skies will give better opportunity to get the best view tonight. The best option would be to go to your rooftop with a binocular or telescope to catch the complete action in good quality. Do not miss this action as the next lunar eclipse is happening on 8th November this year.

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