How to remove your personal information from Google search results

How to remove your personal information from Google search results

Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and therefore respects the privacy of the people using this platform. Google has added a feature wherein users can easily remove their private information. Although Google doesn’t follow the European law wherein all information is automatically forgotten by big tech companies, it makes sure that it gives users permission to delete personal information.

The new addition

As we use the internet, so much of our data is open for exploitation. Once all the information is on the internet, it is not possible to retain the shared information back.Various cases of password hacking are witnessed, so Google has moved a step ahead and added a feature of the “new search results removal” option. Google limits the data that it collects from its users and lets the audience decide what and how much they want to share, as well as removing any personal data the users are not comfortable sharing on the internet. By allowing parents to remove any image that is available on Google image search results, Google has also respected the privacy of kids so that they are not exposed to the internet at such a young age.

What comes under confidential information?

With this new addition from Google, you can remove your personal information, but Google has a few criteria for personal information. Not everything about a person falls under confidential details. According to Google, information like government id, bank account credentials, email id, phone numbers, adhaar card numbers, pan numbers, medical certificates, atm card details, etc. comes under confidential information and you can request Google to remove such information.

Steps to follow in order to remove information from Google

To start with, you will have to fill out a form. Go to the Google search results removal form, and now click on Remove Information. Now you can select the exact information you want to be removed and also the category of the information. For example, if you select your Adhaar card number, then in the category you can select a government identity document. Now you will have to fill in a form with your details like name, address, email id and most importantly, which websites you are able to see your private information on which you want to remove. You will also have to share the screenshots of the same and you are done with the process.

Google hides information rather than deleting

Although you will follow this process, please remember that Google doesn’t delete your information from the given websites, but it tries to hide your information in Google search results. Also, Google will first analyse the information that you want to remove and decide whether it counts as confidential information or not. Only then will further actions be taken, so don’t be in a fallacy that if you have filled out the form, your information will definitely reach deletion.

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