Horrible Accident: Riverside man in wheelchair struck, killed in the driveway when his wife loses control of the van

Horrible Accident: Riverside man in wheelchair struck, killed in the driveway when his wife loses control of the van: As per the officials, a riverside man lost her life due to his wife’s negligence as she was trying to reposition his van in their driveway. The accident occurred on June 7, Tuesday around 9:50 a.m. in the 31000 block of Belvedere Drive that is near Floral Avenue. The place is just east of the UC Riverside campus. For more news follow onbreakingnews.com

Horrible Accident: Riverside man in wheelchair struck

Sgt. Emilio Angulo stated, “the victim was in his wheelchair in front of his home when his wife was trying to move his Dodge van. The van is equipped with hand control designs so that disabled people can operate while sitting in their wheelchairs. The wife didn’t use the seating apparatus as she stood in the driver’s compartment”.The sergeant reported that the woman was trying to turn the van but lost control and ran into the neighbour’s house then she reversed the van from the neighbour’s house and lost control again and accidentally struck the victim who was sitting in a wheelchair within his driveway.

The wife was not able to control the van and took her husband’s life. Of course, the medical help reached there to save his life and admitted the victim to the Riverside Community Hospital downtown but the victim could survive for a  short time in the hospital.  And the hospital authorities declared him dead.   The victim’s identity has unknown yet to the police. They only revealed the women’s age which is 66 to the media.

Further probe is going on to find out the real cause of a riverside man’s death. Police officers are interrogating the nearby people to extract the real circumstance that was responsible for a man’s death.   Police authority is also appealing to the neighbours and other people to come forward to report the police if they have any kind of information about the couple and their relationship. The police are also investigating any involvement of drugs and alcohol in the accident. Police have not gathered any information about the victim’s other family members.

The lady is in police custody but she is not stable to tell anything about the accident and her family members. The police are searching for the victim’s family to hand over the dead body to them. A little negligence has taken the life of a  man, it is a big shock for a lady and her family member.

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