Hayley Vernon OnlyFans: Contestant of “Married at First Sight” reveals the earnings she made on OnlyFans:

Hayley Vernon OnlyFans: Contestant of “Married at First Sight” reveals the earnings she made on OnlyFans: Reality TV star Hayley Vernon who became famous with “Married at First Sight” is making tons of money after she joined OnlyFans. She revealed that after coming out of the TV show, her popularity did not earn her much and she slowly moved towards porn videos and finally started her account in OnlyFans.  For more news follow onbreakingnews.com

Hayley Vernon OnlyFans Earnings:- 

She says that she is active in OnlyFans for only two years and has made about $ 1.3 million. This is a huge amount of money from such a social media platform as it is difficult to get paid users on a regular basis. The 34-year-old model has struck gold on this platform and she is extremely happy with the money she is making at the moment.

Before OnlyFans Hayley Vernon Career:-

Hayley Vernon OnlyFans Earnings

She agrees that TV made her famous for a brief period but it was not sustainable as she did not get big offers. Apart from that, she had the pressure of keeping the money coming on a regular basis and this pushed her to hardcore porn entertainment. She initially started doing topless modeling for different photoshoots. After that, she moved into a full-time porn actress profession and made lots of money through OnlyFans.

Hayley Vernon Net Worth:-

The savvy model is happy with her earnings and has plans to become a real developer. She has even bought a plot of land and plans to construct it soon. The actress admits that she was tempted to buy a good Mercedez with the earnings but better sense prevailed after talking to well-wishers. This is why she decided to invest in property as this is here to stay for a long time and the investment will grow over a period of time unlike other assets like vehicles which decrease in value over time.

She is one of the biggest names on this platform from Australia and has attained good success within a short duration of time. However, success is not easy on OnlyFans according to this actress. She says that users will not keep paying money every month unless they get to see new stuff. For this reason, she has to constantly upgrade herself and also push the limits on a regular basis. It is her hard work and talent that is giving results on this platform that offers exclusive content only for paid subscribers. Many other models are finding similar success on OnlyFans in recent years.

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