Hay fever has led people to an unfortunate situation in UK. Hay Fever: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Hay fever has led people to an unfortunate situation in the UK:-

Hay fever has caused almost 48% of the population in the UK to cancel their vacation plans, as the symptoms are quite irritating and disturb the normal lifestyle of people.

These symptoms are frequently confused with those of COVID-19, and nearly 27% of people were forced to take time off work due to severe hay fever symptoms.44% of people feared socializing because of the kind of impact these symptoms had on their physical appearance.

For some of us, summers are a fun time to enjoy, but for those suffering from hay fever, summers can be a dreaded season. Such people require fresh and clean air in their house spaces. Not only humans but our pets are also affected by pollen grains. Almost 18% of hay fever patients have sought treatment for their dogs, which includes oral medications and eye drops. This disease is emotionally draining because 45% of those who have hay fever feel no one can understand or empathize with their experience.

hay fever

We look forward to summers as we have the liberty to enjoy this season, but for a few, it’s not the same. They have to keep in mind the disease and act accordingly. Unfortunately, one-fifth of people have canceled their vacation plans.

Almost 51% of the population having hay fever has confirmed difficulty sleeping due to a blocked nose and throat. People try hard to eliminate this disease, but there is only so much a person can do about the deterioration of this dreadful disease.

Hay Fever: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

What is hay fever or allergic rhinitis?

Contrary to what the name suggests, the patient is not allergic to hay or the patient doesn’t have a fever. Another name for hay fever is allergic rhinitis, which is the 5th most common disease in the U. S. It results in a runny nose, cold, sneezing, congestion, watery eyes, and sinus congestion. Although it is not a deadly disease, it interferes with the lifestyle of the patient and affects their daily school or work life.

Symptoms of hay fever:-

The symptoms appear according to the underlying cause of allergy in a particular person. For example, a person who is allergic to pollen will develop an allergy when the pollen count is high. Symptoms include:

1.) Sneezing

2.) Coughing

3.) Bloodshot eyes

4.) Headaches

5.) Taste and odor loss

Causes of Hay fever:-

It is mainly caused by allergens present in the environment or air-borne substances like pollen grains, dust, the fur of cats, mites, substances from flowers, etc. It is an allergic response to allergens that are present either outside in the environment or sometimes indoors also.

Treatment of Hay fever:-

There are various drugs and over-the-counter medicines that help in the treatment of this disease. It is durable and you don’t have to put up with its symptoms. Let’s have a look at the treatment methods:

1.) Anti-histamines

2.) Nasal corticosteroids

3.) Immunotherapy

4.) Eye-drops


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