Halifax News: Drug dealers jailed at Bradford Crown Court

Halifax News: Drug dealers jailed at Bradford Crown Court: Two drug dealers in Halifax were sent to jail for selling crack cocaine and heroin. One of the peddlers Akaas Pervez aged 38 pleaded guilty to charges of having and supplying crack cocaine and heroin in 2019. He was sentenced to two and half years in jail. Another person Ahamer Ahmed aged 30 was sentenced to two years and four months for similar charges. Both of them pleaded guilty to the charges. For more news follow onbreakingnews.com

Halifax News: Drug dealers jailed at Bradford Crown Court:

Judge Mansell said that they are facing punishment only now as the defendants are usually released during investigation. The judge mentioned that it has now become common in many cases involving the supply of class A drugs. When the defendants are caught red-handed with Class A drugs along with cash and mobile, the charging decision is not immediately given and they are released during the period of investigation. They are not subjected to any restrictions and they are not supervised as they are given bail without any conditions.

This leads to a complex problem as the individuals go on to commit more offenses during that period and there can be an overlap with arrests along with other suspects. Due to this complicated situation, the investigation gets further delayed and the offenders get more free time outside.

A similar thing happened in this case as the court heard the first offense in January 2019 which involved Pervez. When police intercepted him, he had about 500 pounds of cash and several phones along with a sizeable amount of heroin and crack cocaine. However, he was released under investigation for those offenses.

In March 2019, both were caught with drugs, cash, and mobile phones by the police. However, both were released due to pending investigation, and Pervez was released for the second time within 3 months.

Interestingly, in May 2019, both were caught on different occasions selling class A drugs and they also had some cash and mobile phones in possession.

The judge took all the factors into consideration about the offenders like they did not have any previous history of drug-related offenses. Apart from that, they were selling drugs only to fund their own addiction. While passing out the sentence order, Judge also made a note of the delay in handling such cases due to the regular procedures that allow offenders to be released during the investigation period. This leads to a lot of delays in conviction and offenders get more opportunities to commit similar crimes.

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