Gurnam Bhullar Pehli Mulaqat Download: A soulful song sets the tone for the monsoons

Gurnam Bhullar Pehli Mulaqat Download: A soulful song sets the tone for the monsoons:  Indian Punjabi singer Gurnam Bhullar is getting viral because of his new song PehliMulaqat. That is a romantic love song, which was composed and sung by the singer Gurnam Bhullar. This song was presented by Times Music. This song is very simple, and this is through its simplicity only that it’s getting very famous. The lyrics to the soulfulness of this song touch the heart. This song is very innocent everyone loves it. For more news like this follow 

Gurnam Bhullar Pehli Mulaqat Download In  Simple Steps:-

The meaning of the first line of this song is Since then I met you, I don’t like meeting the world. This song is in the Punjabi language and it’s really a very beautiful song.

There are two reasons that this song is becoming so viral. The first reason is its lyrics and soulful voice, and the second reason is the weather. Monsoon is coming and in this season, listening to this song is giving peacefulness.

This song is available now on YouTube. And you can Gurnam Bhullar Pehli Mulaqat Download very easily. You can type this song, and then listen and then download it.

On the other hand, he has recently released his new film KOKKA. Which is also liked very much by the public. This movie was released on Friday. In this movie, he is working as an actor and her opposite actress is Neeru Bajwa. She is a very famous Punjabi Actress.

Gurnam Bhullar Pehli Mulaqat Download

In this movie, an older age lady falls in love with a young boy. Peopled like their chemistry and love story very much. And when the public was enjoying this movie in theatres, he was preparing for his new movie Khadari.

His every movie and song is becoming very famous. People liked his simplicity and voice very much. This is why they are eager for Gurnam Bhullar Pehli Mulaqat Download.

About the singer Gurnam Bhullar

Gurnam Bhullar is a very popular Indian singer, actor, and lyricist. He was born on 8th February. He resides in Chandigarh. He sings songs in the Punjabi language.He is very popular for his single Diamond, which was released in 2018.

He won a singing competition Awaz Punjab di- Season 5. And apart from this, he participated in many competitions and won awards as well. He is a very popular Punjabi singer and has a great fan following. They always want to listen and know about him. And recently, he became the news because of his new single, which is getting very popular.

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