Game 5 Celtics vs Heat: score highlights, Jaylen Brown and  Tatum star performers of Game 5

Game 5 Celtics vs Heat: Score highlights, Jaylen Brown and  Tatum star performers of Game 5: The crucial game 5 went in favor of the Celtics as they continued their top-quality performance in the second half to win over Miami Heat. The Thursday match ended with Boston Celtics scoring 93 points to win comfortably over Miami Heat which managed to get 80 points. Interestingly, the top scores came from Jaylen Brown who managed 25 points including four rebounds, and Jayson Tatum who scored 22 points including 12 rebounds and nine assists. FOR MORE SPORT UPDATES FOLLOW

Game 5 Celtics vs Heat:-


The Celtics Heat match was crucial as both the teams had 2-2 in the series and this match would give one of them the much-needed critical lead in the tournament. With this victory, the Celtics managed to get a 3-2 lead over the Heat.

The first half of the match went in favor of Heat and it appeared like they are in control. However, the Heat lost it in the last half an hour as top players from the Celtics managed to pull back the game. Apart from the two-star players, Al Horford also managed to get 16 points for the Celtics and Derrick White got 14 points.

The next Celtics Heat match becomes even more crucial as a victory will give Celtics their first entry into the NBA finals since 2010. On the other hand, the Heat will get eliminated if they lose the next match. Game 6 is scheduled to happen on Friday night and the Celtics have the home-ground advantage.

Experts’ prediction for  Game 5 Celtics vs Heat

Game 5 Celtics vs Heat.

Celtics vs Heat Game 5 :-

According to experts, teams that manage to win Game 5 Celtics vs Heat to take a lead usually win the series and this is proved many times in the past. They say that the Celtics have more than 80% chance of winning the series due to this advantage. Miami Heat will have to do some homework before the next game and make suitable changes. Jimmy Butler who has been their best player is not seen good form in the last three games. The team needs good contribution from top players if it has to win the crucial 6th game.

Yet another important player for the Heat, Kyle Lowry is having a hamstring injury that is affecting his performance. This became evident in the last few games and the Heat needs to do something about such issues. The Friday night game will decide the fate of the Heat and a victory for the team will make the series even more interesting as the Game 7 will become a crucial decider.


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