Friday the 13th Lawsuit: What Victor Miller’s Win Means For the Future of The Franchise

Friday the 13th: What Victor Miller’s Win Means For the Future of The Franchise: Hey! Fans. You know about the ongoing battle between the Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller and Friday the 13th director Sean Cunningham over the year. The case’s final hearing was held as the court now the right will be split between both parties. For more updates follow

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friday the 13th lawsuit

In 2018, the judge has declared that Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller is the sole owner of the original screenplay but the director of the franchise is not satisfied with the decision and continuously working to reverse that decision. The main root cause of the legal battle – Screenwriter Miller has written the screenplay as a “work-for-hire”. He deserved the right to the screenplay in the first place but he didn’t get it. While the trial judge has mentioned that the right should go to Miller under the law of Copyright Act’s termination right which allows the author to regain rights to work they signed over to a company. But the Cunningham and Horror Inc. were hoping that the second court decision would be in their favor. They were trying their best to reverse the decision.


friday the 13th lawsuit

Now The Second Circuit has two choices, first Miller got back his copyrights as decided in 2018, and the second one they would revert t to Cunningham/Horror Inc. Last year’s copyright appeal was in favor of Miller. The District Court also affirmed the previous decision of the appeal and they rejected the Cunningham’s appeal and said, Miller wrote the screenplay as an independent writer and he deserved the copyright it. This means, that Miller won the second Copywrite appeal.


friday the 13th lawsuit

This was a big decision but it doesn’t mean all the things that will work with his concern only. Various deals are following the decision which will likely still take a long time. The victory of the case does not allow the screenwriter to own the character of Adult Jason Voorhees. Miller got only the domestic rights but still, the franchise is dormant.

As per the new report from CNN, the Miller legal team talked about their rights and other things they can do now.

As per the copyright attorney,” “Now we can license a remake, prequel or even sequel motion pictures… provided such films do not use any additional copyrightable elements”. Mean Miller can use the element from the franchise but doesn’t include adult Jason Voorhees

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