Friday the 13th 2022: Five Incidents That Took Place on Friday the 13th Proving It To Be an Unlucky Day

The reason behind Friday, 13th- the unlucky day: Some people think of this day as a back luck day. They believe that this day brings bad luck into their lives and try to avoid the misfortune on this day. They think for the tips to get rid of this thing on this day. This saying is a very long back saying, which is coming since the 12th century or you can say from the Biblical times. For more news worldwide follow

The reason behind this thinking:-

Though the reason behind it is still not clear. This is still a mystery. Few think that this bad luck starts from Jesus’ last mealtime when just 13 members were present. And according to Norse Mythology, it features a meal party of 12 gods. Suddenly trickster Loki arrived as the 13th god and shoots another god.

There are lots of saying as a reason for this unlucky date and day. Like in the 19th century, a composer from Italy died on this day, and one of the biographers noted that. And he started believing that it was an unlucky day.

And now also, they think that if on 13th, Friday falls, then definitely it’s an unlucky day.

Next Friday, 13th

In every 10 years, there are appx 20 Fridays on 13th. But this year, there is just one Friday on the 13th and that is the  13thof May 2022.  There will be no Friday falling on the 13th this year. After that, it’s just 13th January 2023.

Though the next Friday 13th will fall in October. Hence, there are just two Friday 13th in 2023- January and October.

Where did this superstition come from?

Now we are going to tell you about the most famous story, which is famous for this day. In 1303, Multitudes of Knight temper were caught and tortured in France on this day only.

In most places, 12 is considered the complete number as there are 12 zodiac signs, 12 months, 12 apostles, etc. And if we add one number to it, it becomes 13 and which is not considered a good number.

As a result of this only, you may notice that in 90 percent of hotels, there is no floor as 13th. Or there is no room number as 13th. In most of the Hotels, 14 comes just after the 12 number. They usually skip the 13 number to get rid of this unlucky number.

French king, Philip 4 also was tortured on this day only and hence they found it a very unlucky number. And in Britain also, many people hangings took place on this day only and resulting in the in UNLUCKY DATE.

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