Former Qatari Princess found dead from overdose:

Former Qatari Princess found dead from overdose: Described lonely cage in final interview. Former Qatari Princess Kasia Gallanio was found dead due to overdose according to sources. She was married to the uncle of emir, Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al Thani. The couple had three children. The married life of the princess was not going good and she was having an ugly divorce and custody battle with her ex husband. The age gap between them was about 28 years and she was not happy with her married life.

Kasia was the third wife of Abdelaziz who is a billionaire. His age is around 73 and Kasia was 45 when she died. She came from a regular family in the US and struggled hard to fit into the royal family. In one of her recent interviews, she had mentioned that the prince had wooed her during her college days and she later married and had three children with him. The couple had an ugly divorce in 2007.

She mentioned that her life was hell during that period and she even sold her jewellery to make a living. Kasia had an interesting lifestyle and she was a regular at Hollywood parties. She was even popular on Instagram and had close to half a million followers.

The Spanish police received a call from the princess’ daughter saying that she is not able to reach her mother for many days. The police later found Kasia dead in the apartment and the cause of death is suspected to be overdose of drugs.

In a recent interview, she had mentioned that she had gone to Paris by accident during her college days when she met the prince. She was initially stunned with the luxury house of the prince. She said that the age gap between them was another hurdle for their relationship and many family members also interfered in their relationship.

Apart from that, Kasia had also mentioned in the recent interview that she grew up in a normal household and getting into a royal family meant a lot of loneliness. She said that having more money created more problems.

The custody battle became ugly as one of the daughters of the couple accused the prince of sexual harassment. However, the case is still pending in the court and the custody battle is not yet settled. Many celebs have mourned the death of the princess and fondly remembered as a good friend, fashion icon and a great mother.

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