Explore The Ultimatum Cast Couples. Check out the list of the couples who are together after the dating show ended season 1.

Explore The Ultimatum Cast Couples

The Ultimatum show is the test of the six couples. It goes for eight weeks. The couples stay together and face different things in their relationship. Still, it is a test for them to deal with different situations in the show. Many couples end their relationship at the end of the show. It is a heartbreaking situation for them. The show ran for six months on Netflix. The final episode took place with the reunion of some of the couples. Most of them broke off their relationship due to compatibility issues. Many changes occurred with the end of season 1 of The Ultimatum show.

Which couples are together at the end of the show?

Check out the list of the couples who are together after the dating show ended season 1.

  • Colby & Madlyn

The couple is appearing on the show, Colby and Madlyn, married. They are happy spending their married life together. The couple is on cloud nine, expecting their first child together.

  • Shanique and Randall

Randall and Shanique announced in the finale of the episode to marry. Still, the couple announced after to end their relationship. The pair decided to take a break from their relationship. However, they have many things going on in their mind regarding it.

  • Nate and Lauren

The couple remains an item in the beginning and then throughout the show. It is unclear from the couple’s side regarding their wedding plans. They earlier confused about whether to have a child together or not. Now, Nate and Lauren landed to the conclusion to stay together and have one child from their relationship.

  • Alexis and Hunter

The pair of Alexis and Hunter decided to start their relationship as an experiment. They have many plans in their mind related to their wedding and relationship. So, they started in the show. Alexis’ mom is a wedding planner. Therefore, the couple is getting in to plan their marriage.

The Ultimatum cast in the new relationship:-

  • Rae

Rae decided to end the relationship with Zay. She gave an ultimatum to him while ending the relationship and dumped him. She decided to start her relationship with Jake. The two of them are ready to spend time together and plan the trip for it.

  • Zay

Zay planned to take a break from dating and relationships. He decided not to get into any relationships for a period. Therefore, he has many plans regarding his future and career. He is looking forward to it.


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