Erislandy Lara vs Gary O’Sullivan Live updates:

Erislandy Lara vs Gary O’Sullivan Live updates: Lara secures eighth round TKO for victory. The middleweight title match between Erislandy Lara and Gary O’Sullivan is all set to get very exciting and you can get round by round updates from our portal.

Round 1 Results: Lara 10-9

Lara being a southpaw started with some sneaky jabs trying to break the guard of O’Sullivan while O’Sullivan managed it with body shots. Some of the heavy left hand throws of Lara are not landing properly and he used a body shot at the end.

Round 2 Results: Lara 10-9, 20-18

Lara appeared slightly defensive in this round and stayed close to the ropes but O’Sullivan followed him closely. O’Sullivan connected with a hook and Lara used an uppercut. O’Sullivan delivered more body shots but Lara managed to connect some shots to the opponent’s cheek and it started turning red.

Round 3 Results: Lara 10-9, 30-27

Lara seemed comfortable with taking few body shots as long as it allowed him to counter in a better way. O’Sullivan connected with a solid left punch but Lara managed to give the best shot of the match near O’Sullivan’s left eye and it appeared like a solid punch going by the reaction of the boxers.

Round 4 Results: Lara 10-8, 40-35

Lara seemed to be in complete control in this match as he could easily sneak through the guard of O’Sullivan. Lara tried to cover up as much as possible while O’Sullivan landed more body shots as he understands that he needs a big shot to stay ahead in the match. The round ended with Lara knocking down O’Sullivan with a left hand punch and it was so hard that O’Sullivan fell to the ground but managed to get up soon.

Round 5 Results: Lara 10-9, 50-44

The round was interesting as O’Sullivan lands good shots and moved a lot when compared to Lara who mainly delivered counters. However, the shots which he managed to land are very hard and this is working in Lara’s favour so far in the game.

Round 6 Results: Lara 10-9, 60-53

Lara took some more body shots and O’Sullivan managed a small uppercut. But Lara used an uppercut followed by a hook and this put him slightly ahead in the round.

Round 7 Results: Lara 10-9, 70-62

Lara is moving more in this round and trying for a knockout blow but O’Sullivan manages with some hooks and body shots. The surprise came at the end of the round when Lara pops the opponent who was saved in time by the bell.

Round 8 Results: Lara TKO’s O’Sullivan

Doctors checked O’Sullivan and was cleared to play the game. Lara delivers a knock and a final shot before he was stopped by the referee.

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