‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Is All Set to release in June, William Abadie Says

‘Emily in Paris’ Season 3 Is All Set to release in June, William Abadie Says: William Abadie has announced their upcoming show ‘Emily in Paris’ season 3 which will release in June. This is the much-awaited show as season 2 left hanging the audience to know about what is next in the store for them.

Further, he revealed the secret about their shooting in Paris at Weekly at the New York Academy of Arts Tribeca Ball on Wednesday, April 20.  We are supposed to visit Paris in the early month of June. He has added, that I am not announcing the trip officially. Please don’t take my words seriously.  I am not fully sure about it. But  “I’m also foreseeing, with the arrival of Alfie and London, maybe spend some time in  Paris”.

There are enormous chances to end up the series in  Paris but we are not assured about it. Lucian Laviscount has been introduced as a  British banker Alfie and second love interest for Emily. The whole scenario of the show surely leads the show to a  trip across the pond.


As the media reported in April that Laviscount, 29, will be part of season 3 of the show and make the show hit with his stunning performance. Grange Hill may be seen in the show.  You will see the same love triangle Emily, Gabriel, and Alfie in season 3. You will stream more entertainment in Season 3 and the show again hit Netflix as its season 2.

Season 2 was full of plenty of drama, love, triangles, and awkward moments with Lily Collins’ character Emily embarrassing herself in front of her new French friends.

You have seen how  Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) is doing struggle and adjustments to set her life the abroad both personally and professionally.  Finally, she got a place for herself.  The season has ended up by giving her two choices, first stay in Paris or move home to Chicago. Season 3  is following the same concept to entertain the audience.

Just like season 1, season 2 has left the audience curious for the next show of the season. Your wait has ended, the team is gonna shoot season 3 of the show in June.

“Maybe this season, the audience stream a glimpse of Paris in season 3 and enjoyed the show a lot”, said William Abadie.

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