Either Mona Kizz Attempted Suicide Or Not, Explained

Either Mona Kizz Attempted Suicide Or Not, Explained: MONA KIZZ was a Ugandan model and internet influencer. She used to post videos of her daily routine on social media and got lots of comments. Folks love to follow her to grab information about her life. But these days, she is trending on social media due to her suicide case. A video got viral on the internet in no time.

As per the reports, Mona Kizz has attempted suicide and jumped from the Al Fahad hotel in Dubai. She was also involved Dubai Porta Potty video as per the media. Mona kizz died after jumping from a high building in Dubai. Till now, the case seems a suicide case but the investigation is still going on about her case.

Many people revealed on social media, that it can be a suicide case as the model is suffering from mental stress. As per her Instagram handle, she was looking depressed in posted photos and videos.

So, there are chances, that she might be struggling from mental stress and due to this depression, she has killed herself. The model has been trolling the internet for a few months. That stress and any other issues may be in her head and all situations led her to take this hard step to finish her life.

Porta Pottys video went viral on the internet for quite a while. As per the reports, she was the only one, who was appearing in the video. It may be a cause of her suicide attempt. Netizens have trolled her for this video. She might be in depression and took her life. In the entire case, there is no news about the reactions and actions of her family members regarding the investigation of the case. The media only reported that her family and friends are mourning for her today.

But there is also a big mess on social media and among people too. As some outlets and reports seemed unsure about whether the person, who jumped from the building, is Mona Kizz or someone else. There is also hidden agenda about her case. The media has not reported that either she has died at the same moment as she jumped from the building or was admitted to any hospital.

Some newspaper sites got her photo in which she was standing near the hotel’s window and on that behalf, they have declared that the model has attempted suicide and killed herself.




























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