Dwayne Johnson surprises mom Ata with another new home

Dwayne Johnson surprises mom Ata with another new home: Dwayne Johnson surprised his mom Ata by gifting her a new home that was styled according to her favourite decor. He posted the video on social media and his mother’s reaction was very emotional as she had tears of joy by seeing the new home. He had earlier gifted her a home and this new one was specially designed as per her favourite custom decor.

He also mentioned in his message to his mom that he hated to see her cry when he was young but now he feels happy to see her shed tears of joy. He added that he sat along with his design team for nearly 2 months to get the home ready according to the taste of his 73 year old mom. He also recalled how they moved from one place to another when they were growing up and lived in small apartments for most part of their lives.

The actor says that he feels lucky to be able to buy such a thing for his mom. The house was custom designed to suit the taste of his mom and the family room wall showcases the vintage collections of his mom along with pictures of the elders in the family.

The home also has a special “Smackdown room” which houses the memorabilia of this wrestling star and actor. The earlier memorabilia room has become very crowded and he has kept only a few things like Movie awards, championship titles and other important things. He also joked that the memorabilia room was the last place he wanted to be as his mom would always take guests around to show his achievements.

However, he added that the room had some positive energy as her mom loved the place and always wanted to show the achievements of the actor to guests. Back in 2018, he had bought a home for his mom and this is the new one.

He said that he had got the first home for his parents in 1999 but their parents divorced later and had to move to different homes. He added that he wants both his parents to live happily in their own space.

Johnson added that he is lucky to have a good mom and wanted to make her feel comfortable in her old age. He however added that his mom can stay at any place of her choice.

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