Doctor Strange Actor Zara Phythian And Her Husband Accused of Having S*x with 13-year-old Girl

Doctor Strange Actor Zara Phythian And Her Husband Accused of Having S*x with 13-year-old Girl: Doctor Strange Actor Zara Phythian and her husband Victor Marke are accused of 14 charges for sexually abusing with 13-year-old in the UK.

As per the BBC report that the sexual abuse began in 2005 when the girl was 13 yrs old and repeatedly continue till she was 15. The girl is an adult now and blamed the couple for sexual abuse with her and also confirmed many of her encounters have been filmed for recreating the porn scenes.

The girl has revealed the alleged offences in an interview that is played to Nottingham Crown Court. She had to tolerate repeatedly sex between 2005 to 2008, when she was between 13 to 15 at that time she was unable to go against it. The couple was not married at that time. The age of Phythian and Marke respectively 20 or 21 and 42 or 43.

The couple has not admitted any kind of allegation even though they are not responding to the comment and public request.

In a police interview, she stated that the crime started when she forced me to have wine and insisted on having oral sex with Marke. Afterwards, they both had sex with me. She also explained her state of mind when the sexual abuse began, “ I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t find any way to get out of the situation and save myself. I used to want to copy the actor Zara and I wanted to become like her in any way that is why I was not able to go against the sexual abuse. I just thought the actor Zara was trying to coach me to be better at sexual activities.

The girl also stated that Marke warned her about telling sexual abuse anyone. I did the same that support the couple to involving in sexual activities with me.

Phythian got incredible success in the film 2017 film Knights Of The Damned and 2020’s Tribal Get Out Alive. Accident Man 2 is another big hit movie that will release in the theatres this year.

As per the reports as Marke is also accused of sexual assault on another woman who was 15 yrs old at the time. The crime took place between 2002 and 2003. However, he said that all the accusations are fake and the woman is trying to spoil his reputation.

















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