DJ Tim Westwood denies numerous s*xual misconduct claims. Who is DJ Tim Westwood? DJ Tim: Age Instagram, Net Worth and More..

DJ Tim Westwood denies numerous sexual misconduct claims

Veteran DJ Tim Westwood is accused of sexual misconduct by many women. According to them, he misused his position to take advantage of them. 3 women, aged 17,19, and 20 have been accused of his sexual behavior, and on the other hand, four other women said that they were groped by him many times. According to them, the very first incident took place in 1992 and the most recent happened in 2017.

Although, he has denied all his allegations. One spokesperson said that they were completely clueless and wrong. Then, all the women decided to tell their stories of inappropriate behavior of Westwood on social media in June 2020.

Another4 woman also claimed that the DJ groped them while they were clicking a picture with him after one of his live performances.

The names of the women are- Isabel, 19 Years old, Pamela- 20 years old, Tamra 17 years old, Farah- 19 years old, Claire in her early 20s, Loretta -19 years old, and Nyla -22 years old.

Who is DJ Tim Westwood? DJ Tim: Age Instagram, Net Worth, and More.

Now we are going to tell you who is DJ Tim Westwood and other information regarding him. DJ Tim is a very well-known personality. His full name is Timothy Westwood. DJ Tim was born on 3 October 1957 in Suffolk, England. He is 64 years old. He started his carrier in the late 1970s. Tim is a very popular British DJ and presenter on radio and TV. He presented the very famous MTV UK show Pimp My Ride UK also. Westwood is one of the most famous names in hip-hop and rap for the past 40 years in the UK.

In 1999, he was injured in a car. Someone tried to shoot him. One bullet went through the seat of the car.

He has one verified Instagram account with more than thousands of followers. He has one Twitter account also, with a huge fan following. He keeps on posting there about him for his fans and followers. He has one youtube channel also with the name Tim Westwood TV and it has over 500M videos views and over 1 million subscribers.

According to sources, his net worth is appx $13M. Recently he became news in other work. He is accused of sexual misconduct by many women.

Though he is most of the time in controversies and often plays to a bad-boy image.


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