Disneyland Paris employee ruins marriage proposal by snatching ring from a man on bended knee:

Disneyland Paris employee ruins marriage proposal by snatching ring from a man on bended knee: A viral video showed the weird behaviour of the Disneyland Paris employee who ruined the most special moment of the couple by snatching a ring from the man who was on his knee and ready to pop the question to her partner. Everything was perfect and the couple seemed happy together. The crowd was cheering for the couple.

The man was dressed in all white and looked so impressive. He was trying to make that moment highly special for the girl. The woman wore a blue dress and looked surprised in the video to see her man up to purpose her romantically.

But the employee wearing Mickey Mouse’s ears suddenly jumped on the platform and snatched the diamond ring without saying a word. And urged the couple to come down. The duo was shocked and followed the employee down the stairs. That was an embarrassing moment as a huge crowd was there. All were confused about what had happened before the employee interrupted the moment.

The man could be heard saying, “ She said yes. What is your prob”. The employee said,” that’s great but over here will be even better and escorted the couple off the stage”.The wedding proposal would be a storybook for their life if the Disneyland Paris employee couldn’t interrupt in such a rude way.

A Reddit user called wasgehtlan posted the video and commented under the clip,” My friend had taken permission from a female worker before planning the storybook proposal on the stage. The lady allowed him to do so. When my friend was proposing to her partner then POS ran up and snatched the ring and spoiled the best moment of his life”.

As the video went viral on social media and thousands of people occupied the comment section as the one user said,” it is unfair and the strict action should be taken against the authority and an employee who has ruined the wedding proposal”. Many users have uploaded the video on Twitter and expressed their anger over the issue. “ The couple was in the happiest place on the earth. But the loser spoiled everything”, one tweeter user said.

The park authorities issued an apology to the couple for this unwanted interruption by their employee. A Disney spokesperson told Newsweek,” We regret the matter and apologised to the involved couple. We offer the couple to make it right”.

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