Darlington Road Accident: Lorry driver arrested after Darlington Woodland Road crash

Lorry driver arrested after Darlington Woodland Road crash

A LORRY driver has been arrested by the cops after a serious crash or collision on the main Darlington Road Accident on Friday 29th April. The pedestrian was also affected in this accident. This accident happened around 10 in the morning on Woodland Road. This road crash was so tragic that multiple emergency services had to be sent immediately to the scene. Cops were also called. People all around there, were seeing this incident. It was really very terrifying. The whole route has been closed because of this.

Though there is no news of any kind of loss till now, but still it was very dangerous. A policeman from that incident said that the driver has been arrested and will be in police custody only. And roads also remain closed to avoid this. For those, who are thinking to avoid this area, another route has also been shared.



A lorry driver was driving it on a very high speed and this incident happened. Immediately, cops were called and that driver was arrested. Although this road is supposed to be closed for a couple of hours. And thus the people are requested to take another route.

And they have requested to share another route also to help the public in traveling. People, who want to avoid this route can go via another way. The route chart/ pathways is given below.

The route chart is as follows:

Who stuck on this Road can take a u turn and go to Abbey Road and then can go either to Duke Street or to Stanhope Road South, wherever he wants to go, depending on the destination.

For the people, who are stuck at the other side, they can move ahead towards Stanhope Road North, and then can go to either follow Duke Street or to Stanhope Road South, again it depends on their destination.

And those, who are at the end of the traffic queue, can head towards Four Riggs, and motorists can follow the A68 and then the A167 heading towards the centre of Darlington.



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