Danielle Dauphinais Mom Who Allegedly Killed 5-Year-Old Son. Who was Elijah Lewis? Elijah Lewis Wiki Bio, Age, Father, Death Cause and Parents.

Mom Charged with Murder After Allegedly Calling Her 5-Year-Old Son the “Next Ted Bundy”: A mother killed her five-year-old son.” Can we imagine a mother killing her own child? We have known mothers as people who can fight the world to protect their children, and we hear another story of a mother killing her son. Let’s go ahead and read about the incident and its intricacies.

Mother’s Hate towards her own child:-

A lady named “Danielle Dauphinais” is charged with a brutal crime. Her son, named “Elijah Lewis,” was an innocent child. Danielle, could not stand her child in front of her. She shared with her friend on Snapchat, “I want him gone, I can’t stand her anymore.” She absolutely hated her child’s behaviour and had no connection with him. She compared her to people like “Ted Bundy” and “Jaffery,” American serial killers, and acclaimed that his son would be the next serial killer in the future.

What are the charges on Danielle Dauphinais?

The mother was charged on various points for the murder of her son. She sent a message to her friend that she couldn’t stand her son. She was intentionally planning the murder. She was mistreating her child and wasn’t providing her son proper nutrition. She then also planned the second-degree murder of her child. She was charged for her inhumane behaviour towards her child, which was a third-degree torture for her son.

Danielle is currently roaming free, but he is already charged and the decision will be taken by the court proceedings. After an investigation, Lewis’s remains were found buried in a park. Danielle shares that she has no connection with her child because his father took him when he was one year old and returned when he was already five years old. She had no mother-son bond with him. She says that her son was getting worse day by day.

Elijah Lewis Father:-

He was the unlucky son of mother Danielle Dauphinais.

Elijah Lewis Death Cause and Harassment by Danielle on Lewis:-

It was reported that she informed the nearby society to lie about her son’s condition, as she knew that the child rescue team was there for investigation. She has a boyfriend named “Joseph Stapf”. They lived together. Both of them were arrested on grounds of child harresment and abuse. The autopsy revealed that the child was harassed to an extreme level, he was kept malnourished, poisoned so that his health deteriorated, all of this was neglected by his mother, and they kept the ongoing abuse as the child had various injuries. The duo is under investigation and the court will hopefully find justice for the child.

Elijah Lewis Father:-

There are several searches about the identity of Elijah Lewis’s father, but there ins’t any such update about the same yet.

Who was Elijah Lewis? Elijah Lewis Wiki Bio, Age, Father, Death Cause and Parents:-

  • Real Name: Eliijah Lewis
  • Nick Name: Elijah
  • Age: 5 years old
  • Date of Birth: 2016
  • Birth Place: New Hamisphire United States
  • Residence: New Hamisphire United States
  • Fathyher Name: Not Identitfied
  • Mother Name: Danielle Dauphinais


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