A Graduate person died after getting Covid-19 Jab:

A Graduate person died after getting Covid-19 Jab: In today’s time, covid-19 is the biggest discussion. And the biggest precaution for this disease is the vaccination. And what will happen if the cause of a vaccinated person’s death is that vaccine only? We came to know about the same incident.

A 26 years old person died a few days after getting vaccination Jab. The reason for his death was a ‘catastrophic’ blood clot in his brain. The name of that person was Jack Hurn. That boy was from Redditch and died after almost 2 weeks later of having the Covid-19 vaccine in June 2021. The name of the vaccine was AstraZeneca.

After a very long investigation, it was heard that he was already informed that there is a very minor risk of having this risk, and this is appx one in 2,50,000 of his age. And according to new NHS guidelines, this is appx one in 50,000.

He and his girlfriend, Alex jones, got this jab on the same day. And she was supposed to propose to him after some time and suddenly it all happened. She and her all family members were shocked after hearing this news.

That boy’s family was very sad after hearing the news that it is all because of that vaccine only. He was just 26 years old and completed his graduation only. He had many big dreams and wanted to fulfill them.

Student and this Covid-19 vaccine Jab

According to the sources, this 26-year-old graduate student was very excited to get his first covid-19 vaccine Jab. And after getting this jab he was almost fine. And the medical officers and nurses explained to him its side effects, including the blood clot in the brain. And after having this vaccine, this student died because of that brain clot only.

He got his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in May 2021. Although that student was asking for a Pfizer jab, it was out of stock at that time, and then had this one. And died after 15 days of having this vaccine, he was suffering from a blood clot in his brain.

He used to live in Devon. And started having headaches after a few days and died in June last year. He was rushed to the hospital in the emergency ward and had a small surgery as well. And after that also, all the doctors were not able to save him. And they lost that boy.

According to doctors, he was suffering from ‘catastrophic’ blood clots in the brain.

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