Zack Snyder Oscar: Fan Wins Reportedly Rigged By Bots

Zack Snyder Oscar: Fan Wins Reportedly Rigged By Bots: Coordinated bots may have helped ‘Zack Snyder Oscar’ Fan wins says report Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Army of the Dead managed to secure victory at the Oscar fan polls recently. However, this has turned controversial as a new report has indicated that coordinated bots may have helped this victory.

94th Academy Awards:-

Interestingly, the 94th Academy Awards decided to deviate from the standard procedure and reduced 8 awards from live broadcasts. Instead, they were moved to the new category of selecting winners through fan votes. This move turned controversial as the new procedure was not welcomed by many top filmmakers and actors.

Will Smith attacking Chris Rock:-

zack snyder oscar 2022

As though these things were not enough to trigger controversies, the incident of Will Smith attacking Chris Rock on the live stage made worldwide headlines for many days and it also resulted in Will Smith being suspended from the Academy for a long period.
Most movie lovers expected that the top awards in this fan votes category would obviously go to Spiderman – No Way Home as it was a huge hit across the world. However, to everyone’s surprise, the Best Cheer Moment and Fan Favorite Movie awards for 2021 went to Zack Snyder’s Justice League and Army of the Dead respectively. Also check:

zack snyder oscar

Academy Award win for Snyder:-

This was the first Academy Award win for Snyder and he announced the news on social media to celebrate the victory. Everything looked fine till a report emerged from The Wrap that suspected that the fan votes were rigged through coordinated bots. The report says that online automated accounts may have been used to influence the votes.

Professor David Kirsch Statemnet:-

A similar opinion was expressed by Tweetbinder which is a hashtag analytics tracking tool as it said that the most active voters in the two controversial categories came from autonomous web-based programs that managed to cast many fake votes. Professor David Kirsch who studies fan bots at the University of Maryland said that the votes did not look like they came from human users even though all votes cannot be classified in that category.

zack snyder oscar
The organizers had taken certain precautionary measures like limiting 20 votes per Twitter handle and not allowing new accounts to participate in the voting. As of now, there is no official confirmation from the Academy in this regard and it would be interesting to see if they are going to continue with the fan-based votes category for the next year.

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