Circle Season 4 episodes 5-8, time, release date and more

Circle Season 4 episodes 5-8, time, release date and everything you want to know: The creator has released the most thrilling first four episodes of the series,” Circle” on May 4. The next batch of the episode will be released at the usual time of the show i.e at 3.01 am ET and 12.01 am PT on May 15. When it will release in your country will depend on your time difference from America’s west coast, which is currently seven hours behind GMT / UTC.

The show is the American version of the original version of the British game show,’ The Circus’. The shooting of season 4 has filmed in the Adelphi Wharf 1 apartment in Salford, England. The place is perfect for the players to live comfortably. The apartment is fully furnished and a good place for players to play the game. They can stay disconnected from the world calmly.

The season features Spice Girls, Mel B and Emma Bunton, on the set. The next batch of the episodes will be aired on coming Wednesday.

Season 4 started with the moving of players Crissa Jackson, Frank, Yu-Ling Wu, and Alyssa Ljubicic into the circle. They all will catfish the rest players as are John Franklin (as Carol), Parker Abbott (as Paul), Josh Brubaker (as Bru), and Alex Brizard (as Nathan). In the upcoming episodes, you will see, that Rachel will cast her votes to find out the catfishing profile of the Spice Girls. The cash prize can be increased if the pop icons become successful to make team’s players fool.

The spice girls are playing in the show owing to the name Jared. The most important thing, we should know about the voting of players of the game show.

  • Bru voted for Rachel
  • Carol voted for Nathan
  • Crissa voted for Carol
  • Nathan voted for Rachel
  • Alyssa and Frank voted for Jared

As per the voting, Frank and John gained first popularity in the show. Paul got seventh place and Yu-Ling ranked sixth place. The rest contestant also got range as per their performance on the show. The contestant, Frank received the power to add new contestants from two profiles. One was Trey,24 who belongs to the fashion industry. The second one was Jared, 28 is the author of the children’s books. And player Frank selected Jared for the game. Lots of suspense is awaiting you with the opening of episodes 5-8.

The next episodes 9-12 and episode 13 will be released on May 18 and May 25 respectively.

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