Chhavi Mittal breast cancer surgery: dance video from the hospital room. Chhavi Mittal: Serials, Age, Instagram, Husband, Kids and More.

Chhavi Mittal’s dance video from the hospital room has gone viral:-

Actor Chhavi Mittal just announced to her fans that she is battling breast cancer. She also spoke about how she is holding optimistic vibes on it. She also keeps sharing pictures and videos of herself while enjoying her life as she battles cancer. In the latest, she shared a video of her busting some dance moves in her hospital room.

Chhavi Mittal informed her fans earlier this month that she is diagnosed with breast cancer and from that day only, she is regularly sharing updates about her cancer battle. She has a very huge fan following, and they are also supporting her by commenting positive lines for her.

Chhavi Mittal’s dance video:-

Chhaviposted her dancing video on the song Bop Daddy on her Instagram account on Sunday by saying, “Doctors said, Chhavi, you need to chill! So I’m chilling”.  It is a very small video and at the end of this video, she moved the camera to show her husband. And later he also started dancing in the same video.

Everyone from her fans and friends is praising her for her comments on her video. Many Tv actresses also comment and say that she is a brave girl, and she is a superstar.

She revealed her cancer diagnosis on her social media page earlier this month. She says in her posts that she always wants to show all the women that you have to be brave enough for anything, always be positive and happy.

Chhavi Mittal: Serials, Age, Instagram, Husband, Kids:-

Chhavi Mittal was born on 4th September 1980. She is an Indian film and TV actress. These days she is very popular for her youtube channel and clips shitty Ideas trending (SIT), which is a digital production company.  As a media person, she has a huge fans list on her Instagram and youtube accounts.

She got married to director Mohit Hussein in 2004. This beautiful couple is blessed with a cute daughter and son.  Recently, Chhavi Mittal was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Chhavi Mittal breast cancer surgery:-

chhavi mittal

From day one only, she has been posting her updates on social media. She is a very positive person, on her social media account, youtube, and everywhere she is posting positive vibes only, and telling her experience with cancer. On the 25th Apr, she is having her cancer surgery, and the day before that, she posted her dancing video from the hospital only. And everyone from her family and fans, are commenting positive vibes on her video.



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