Celtics vs Heat results Game 6 :

Celtics vs Heat results Game 6: Outstanding performance by Jimmy Butler pushes the series into the final game. The series was at a crucial stage with the Celtics having a 3-2 lead over the Heat as they entered the Game 6. Even previous statistics showed that the team that wins the 5th game usually takes away the series. Heat however managed to pull off a stunning 111-103 victory in the crucial game to force a game 7. Jimmy Butler was the star of the night with 47 points that included 9 rebounds, 8 assists, and 4 steals.

Preview Heat:-

Interestingly, Jimmy was not in good form in the previous two games and not many people expected this kind of performance from him in the crucial 6th game. He had other plans and managed to pull off a career high of 47 points taking the Heat to victory.

Preview Celtics:-

The Celtics also gave a tough fight and they are in good form in this series. Jayson Tatum became the top scorer with 30 points and Derrick White managed 22 points. Yet another top contribution for the Celtics came from Jaylen Brown who scored 20 points. In this way, it was a team effort for the Celtics and there was nothing wrong in their strategy. They just lost the game due to an extraordinary performance by Jimmy.

The final Game 7 Celtics vs Heat-

The final Game 7 Celtics vs Heat will decide the winner and it is all set to be held at Miami on 29th May. The Sunday match is eagerly awaited by fans as they would love to see the best team win the series. Interestingly, Heat had lost previous two consecutive games in the series and a loss in the 6th game would have showed the exit door from the series. All the advantages were in favour of Celtics who were in good form with many players contributing to victory in different matches.

On the other hand, the Heat was dealing with many issues as top players were dealing with some injury problems and the rest were not in great form. The psychological advantage for the 6th game was with Celtics as they had two chances while Heat had only one chance. However, Heat was able to bounce back at the right stage with great performance from Jimmy who managed a career high with 47 points.

Fans were excited to see him play and it was an exciting match till the end. Even though the winning margin was not great for Heat, it was still a confidence booster for Miami game on Sunday.

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