Celtics vs. Heat Game 7 results: Jayson Tatum leads Celtics to victory with 26 points:

Celtics vs. Heat Game 7 results: Jayson Tatum leads Celtics to victory with 26 points: Jayson Tatum was the star performer of the evening with 26 points and 10 rebounds. He along with Marcus Smart who added 24 points and Jaylen Brown who made 24 points made the game interesting in the final game 7.

Jimmy Butler did extraordinarily for the Heat with 35 points and nine rebounds. Apart from that, Bam Adebayo also managed a good 25 points including 11 rebounds. However, this could not help them to win the match as Celtics managed a 100-96 victory over Heat in the seventh game.

At the end of first quarter, Celtics managed to pull a good lead of 13 points. They managed to shoot 50% from the field and Tatum already showed his form with over eight points and six rebounds. For the Heat, it was Butler and Adebayo with six points each. Celtics managed to score an overall 32 points in the first quarter while Heat managed only 17. This put the pressure straight away on Heat and they had to do something to fill the gap in the next rounds.

Heat was getting good support from Butler who managed 17 points and Adebayo who managed 10 points during the second quarter When it came to Celtics, Jaylen Brown had 15 points and Jayson Tatum about 13 points during the second quarter. However, by the halftime, Heat managed to pull some gap and got a total 49 points while Celtics still had the lead of few points with a total score of 55.

By the end of third quarter, Celtics still had the lead with a total score of 82 points and Heat managed 75 points. Interestingly, Butler and Adebayo combined for 63 out of their 75 points so far in this game and it is a sight to watch them coordinate so well against the opponents.

The game went in an interesting mode till the end and with just over four minutes to complete the match, the score was Celtics leading with 95 and Heat trailing with 85 points. Finally, Celtics managed to pull off the victory with 100-96 at the end of the game. Jayson Tatum was named the Most Valuable Player of the Eastern Conference Finals and won the Larry Bird Trophy. He managed a team high of 26 points in the seventh game. He got good support from Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart.

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