Cary Fukunag crosses his professional line with the young actress on the set

Nearly a dozen production sources that revealed the Cary Fukunag crosses his professional line with the young actress on the set: Many production sources and young women have made the statement against the director Cary Fukunag that he usually crosses his professional line with female cast and crew members. After packing from the scene on the set of Apple TV’s World War II miniseries Masters of the Air, most of the cast left the set but the director, Cary Fukunag again jumped on the set and started to take photos of the two young actresses.

As per the production house, the director was not so attentive to the main players of the scene, but he was only focused on the two backstage actresses. He forced them to pose in so many odd postures and actresses had to follow his instructions, after all, he is the director, but they seemed too uncomfortable with him.

One source claimed, that the director has to do this kinda shoot as it is part of his work to promote the show to the next level, however, the two production sources who were the witness of his interaction unfolded said that the director had crossed the professional lines with the actress because of his hidden motives.

Some sources claimed that he used to cross the line with the female actresses aiming for romantic advances from them. A source who has worked with the director on numerous sets claimed that he uses the stage as an opportunity to grab the waist of the younger actress during production.

Actress Rachelle Vinberg claimed to the director through the Instagram post,” I was diagnosed with PTSD because of her friendship with Cary Fukunag that after some time it eventually turned sexually with him. I met him on the Samsung-commercial set when I turned just 18. I have spent so many years in fear of him. I felt manipulated and was not able to stop him. The director is a groomer and has been engaging in the shit for many years. so ladies, be careful”. A woman who dated the director for so many months said, “ I felt like vomiting when I thought about this man”.

When the director asked to reply about this bullshit that he was doing with the young women, he didn’t reply to these allegations. His lawyer, Michael Plonsker said in a statement,” All the allegations are fake and there is nothing odd in the romantic relationship with the young women”.

Besides them, many others sources and young actresses allegedly accused him to force the young cast to be turned sexually with him as a part of their work.

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