BTS is all set to return to Korean music PROOF after 2 years

BTS is all set to return to Korean music PROOF after 2 years: All the members of BTS are all ready to appear in Korean Music after a long gap of two years. The name of their new album is Proof. They are going to promote their album during their appearance. For more news follow

BTS is all set to return to Korean music PROOF after 2 years

BTS is all set to return to Korean

The members of BTS are- Jin, RM, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook. All of them are getting ready to rock on Korean Music, Proof. It is supposed to be released on 10th June of this year.

This time, they are doing its promotion with all pop and show. According to their company’s spokesperson, after a long time, they all are back with a bang with their new Korean music album, which is Proof. Their old albums were also very famous.

All the fans are deadly waiting for their new music album as they are expecting it to be the best. Old albums were super-duper hits. In an interview, they said that they were planning to come to India in 2020, but it couldn’t happen. SO, all the Indian fans are urged to come to India for the live concert.

When is their new Music album supposed to be released, all about this most awaited Korean album?

They will appear on their new music album show from 16th June onwards. After that, they will start their promotions. They are doing it after a long gap of 2 years. And then they will perform on its title track.

This band is planning to come to various places for the live promotions, such as Barcelona, India, South America, etc. They said that they are in talks with Mumbai about that. It is going to happen very soon in Mumbai.

Apart from its title track, they will be performing on more tracks as well like- I Need You, Run, Fire, Run BTS, Born Singer, Fake Love, Persona, Danger, Moon, Jamais Vu, Seesaw, Butter and Life Goes On, N.O, Boy in Luv, IDOL, Dynamite, On, among others

The band is so famous that it h very huge fans and followers and all of them are waiting for their live performance as well as waiting for the release of Proof.

The whole Internet and social media Israel comments asking when are they coming to perform in their country. They want to see that band live.

All 5 members are also excited for the same as they are back with a bang after a very long gap of 2 years.

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