Brie Larson Fast and Furious: Gonna play Brian O’Connor’s Sister in Fast & Furious 10 Theory

Brie Larson fast and furious 10 as Brian O’Connor’s sister: Brie Larson  will play an important role in the movie fast and furious 10 as Brian O’Connor’s sister  This will be a big surprise for the fans as they will get a chance to see the legacy of Paul Walker’s character again in the movie. The year 2013 is the worst for the Fast & Furious franchise as they lost their soul “Paul Walker”. But the team want to continue his legacy with the character Brian O’Connor’s Sister.

As the team has announced the Fast & Furious 10 and Fast & Furious 11, they also gave hint to the audience to see Brie Larson as Brian O’Connor’s Sister in the finale. Introducing Brian O’Connor’s sister will be proved beneficial for the movie as per the theory.

The plot details of the movie are not clear yet but the sequel will come back with all previous cast members of the franchise. But the franchise gave hints about the story as Dom has failed to survive a good life for too long but Brian O’Connor will be in the opposite situation according to the story.

Some new members have been cast for the movie as Jason Momoa’s mystery villain character and Daniela Melchior in an undefined role. The franchise has announced that  Brie Larson is gonna play the biggest role in the movie and will be a new member of the O’Connor family. However, the Captain Marvel star’s role is not clear which enhancesthe chances to see star Brie Larson in the movie as Brian’s sister.

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Brie Larson also shared a logo of Fast and Furious 10 on her official Instagram account.


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Casting Brie Larson in the film will provide a new turn to the story that will make the movie more popular than its previous series. As the director Justin Lin mentioned, as per the theory, story and plot of the movie, there is always a space to bring back Brain in the sequel. Moreover, I know how to wrap up the movie in the best way. Most of the roles of characters are not identified till now but the star is teasing the role of  Brie Larson on social media continuously.

As per the team, adding a new character Brie Larson will be the best move for the series and the future of the franchise. It gives hope to continue their legacy of Brian through his younger sister’s entry in the movie. However, seeing the new twist in the movie will be great for the fans.







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