‘BEGGING at AIRPOT’, BRENDAN LANGLEY Twitter fight: Brendan Langley United Airlines Video check here!

Ex-NFL Star Begging at Airpot, BRENDAN LANGLEY Twitter fight: Made him ‘BEGGING’ FOR HELP DURING AIRPORT FIGHT, BUT NO ONE COME FORWARD: A football player, Brendan Langley has become a much-talked topic on social media after the videos of his fight with an employee of United Airlines. The video of a heated argument between the player and employee dropped on social media on Monday, 23 May. The video depicts a physical fight between a player and an employee. Brendan Langley, 27and an Airline employee fight has been captured in one camera of the bystanders of the incident. For more breaking news follow onbreakingnews.com

Brendan LANGLEY Twitter fight:-


Later has surfaced on the social media platform. As the video went viral, the football player headed the Twitter account to reveal his side of the story about the Brendan langley airport fight. The former NFL player claimed in one of his Brendan LANGLEY Twitter fight tweets, “ Numerous Airline’s employers were present at the moment of the dispute, I was begging for help but nobody came forward to resolve the issue. It seemed like they all wanted to see happen this to me”.

BRENDAN LANGLEY fight explained:-

BRENDAN LANGLEY twitter fight


The player also commented on the video of the BRENDAN LANGLEY fight, you all can see every moment of the video, and I was making distance from the employee and he was the first who punched me first”.

Police Statement on BRENDAN LANGLEY Twitter fight:-

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Police have made the statement to TMZ that the player was arrested under the charges of simple assault. And An airline employee was admitted to the hospital as he got injuries above his eyes. As per the report, the employee was not arrested after his treatment but as a punishment, he was fired from the job.

Further, the flight company made a statement to the Daily Mail: United Airlines will not tolerate any kind of violence at our airports or onboard our planes. We are coordinating with the local authority to investigate the matter”.

As per the Dialy reports,” An employee asked the player, to pay a $5 luggage cart to transfer his luggage instead of transferring the luggage through a wheelchair. First, they argued about the luggage cart then their argument converted into a physical fight.

Brendan Langley United Airlines Video:-

Brendan Langley is claiming the employee has started to punch him and after they both confronted each other by exchanging lots of punches. In the video, a lady employee war trying to intervene between them, but they both continued the fight until the senior authority reached there. However, the police are investigating to find out the root cause of the fight that occurred at the airport in front of all staff.