Brandy Jack Harlow: Brandy makes fun of rapper Jack Harlow after he called her Ray J’s sister

Brandy makes fun of rapper Jack Harlow after he called her Ray J’s sister: The recent statement of Jack Harlow that Brandy was the sister of Ray J took an interesting turn with Brandy replying with a good sense of humor. She took the comment sportively and did not make a big issue of it even though many other musicians said that labeling her as just Ray J’s sister is an insult to her music career. Brandy is not regular these days but she delivered some of the big hits during her peak career. For the latest news follow

Jack Harlow is relatively young:-

Interestingly, her brother Ray J became famous only after his s*x tape with Kim Kardashian got leaked online. Apparently. Jack Harlow is relatively young and has not seen much of Brandy’s work. This is the reason he was not able to identify her through her songs but managed to remember her brother Ray J’s episode with Kim.

Brandy and Jack Harlow:-

Brandy who is well known for hit songs like “I Wanna Be Down” replied to the issue on Monday and made fun of Jack Harlow in a sportive manner. Apparently, she was not upset that the young musician was not able to recognize her due to the age gap.

Jack Harlow was asked to recognize popular artists:-

During the interview with a channel, Jack was asked to recognize popular artists with their music. When Brandy’s “Angel in Disguise” was played in the show, he was not able to recognize the singer. The song belongs to the “Never say Never” album from Brandy which was released in 1998 and nominated for Grammy Awards. Interestingly, Jack was born in 1998 and it was not a surprise that he was not able to recognize an old classic hit.

Jack was given a few hints about Ray J’s:-

Jack was given a few hints about Ray J’s association with the singer during the show. Apparently, Ray J’s sex tape with Kim became public in 2007 and Jack remembered that episode very well. He was later able to identify Brandy as Ray J’s sister.

Brandy who is now 43:-

Reacting to this viral clip on Monday, Brandy who is now 43 said that she would like to murk Jack in rap at 43 on his own beats and sing him to sleep. In a jovial tone, she meant that she would kill him with that song. She however clarified that she was just having fun and it was not to be taken seriously.

Harlow was quizzed about his music knowledge during the show and Harlow had even guessed the singer as Aaliyah for Brandy’s “Angel in Disguise” song.

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