Bradford UK City of Culture 2025

Bradford UK City of Culture 2025: After a long competition of many months, the city has announced the winner of the city of culture. There were many cities, which were participating in this competition, such as Wrexham, Southampton, County Durham, and that is Bradford. This is said to be one of the most diverse places in the UK. And now this city has been selected as the city of culture- 2025. This is kind of an award, and thousands of tourists come across to see this tourist spot, which improves in millions of pounds in the funding. For more news follow

Bradford UK City of Culture 2025

The culture secretary, Nadine Dorries, recently announced the winner of it, that too live on BBC on Tuesday evening. He said that there was a very tough competition and the worth winning city won this award. This was a fair enough competition.

The winner city team tweeted that as they have won, it’s time to celebrate the win of this wonderful and joyful city. This was a fantastic result of this competition.

Chairperson of Bradford UK City of Culture 2025 said that these fantastic results are the proof of ambition, belief, and hard work towards the city. Initially, 20 cities took place in this competition, and then 8 cities were finalized, and after that 4 were finalized.

After that one team won, and that was Bradford. Bradford is selected as Bradford city of culture. In 2013, Derry was titled with this award and after that, in 2018, Hull was awarded this.

There were innovations done in this competition this year. One of them is, they use to ask how they will use this culture to help and improve this area safe from Pandemic Covid-2019. And many other questions as well.

This team will receive 275000 pounds as funding to develop it. And for the first time, other teams also will receive 125000 pounds to make the developments in this area. And other facilities will also be there for its development.

About the title- UK City of culture

This is a designation, which is usually given to the UK city for one year. This is done after the tough competition of a couple of months. This competition is done by the UK Govt, with many collaborations. This competition is held usually after every four years. And the winner is then selected and announced.

This year – the title UK City of culture has been won by Bradford City. This is now announced as Bradford city of culture 2025.

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