BF of Caroline Schwitzky ’90 Day Fiance’ was under the charges of ATTEMPTING TO MURDER HER. Caroline Schwitzky: Age, Net Worth, Instagram and More.


The CEO of Miami talent agency Urge’s boyfriend has tried to kill her under the water. The police have arrested him on the charge of premeditated and battery.

The duo was on the boat this week in Florida. The incident occurred after a heated argument between the couple as per the reports.

Cole Goldberg Age and Net Worth:-

Cole Goldberg, 23 was arrested just after midnight on Monday by the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ( Florida).

He got released on Monday night around 10:09 by paying a $60,000 bond.

NBC NEWS has reported the testimony of the people of FWC, the couple is highly arguing with each other and suddenly the boy started to strangle her on the boat for about 20 minutes. He forcibly kept her in the same position until she made efforts to push him and get away. Later, Schwitzky jumped into the water to save herself. The boy also immediately jumped and tried to keep her under the water to kill her.

The bystanders were shouting to stop him but the boy ignored him and keep trying to kill her under the water. Some people from another boat also jumped into the water to rescue her. After so much struggle the people were able to help her and got her onto their boat. Still, the boy was trying to get on their boat but anyhow the people stopped him to board the boat by using a pole.

Caroline Schwitzky: Age:-

As per the confirmed sources, she is 32 years old.

Caroline Schwitzky Net Worth:-

 The estimated Net Worth of Caroline Schwitzky is between $200K to USD 400K.

Schwitzky and Goldberg have been dating for one year. She got bruises on her arm in the incident as the media reports.

Matt Paris first jumped into the water to help her as per the reports. The FWC seems silent about the incident and told the people that they can’t provide any information about the case.

Fans are commenting on them and trying to know more about the case but both Goldberg and Schwitzky are not responding to their requests.

The media has no information yet about their further actions in the court. There is no information about their lawyers who will present their case in court.

Caroline Schwitzky 90 day fiance:-

Schwitzky had appeared in the 2016 season of “90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” where she worked with the star Paola Mayfield. She is a great internet celebrity but is not active these days due to this horrible incident.

Schwitzky got a no-contact order from the court against her boyfriend, Goldberg.

Cole Goldberg Boca Raton:-

Boca Raton’s Cole Goldberg has been under the charge of attempting the murder of his girlfriend.

Cole Goldberg 90 Day Fiance:-

He was seen in the 90-Day Fiance and his apprentice was entertaining in the show, he has enough followers on Instagram but this act of him is now making him bad in his fans or followers’ eyes or we can also say that he is facing hatred.





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