Bengaluru schools girls fight video went viral on the social media, see the reactions of netizens

Bengaluru schools girls fight video went viral on the social media, see the reactions of netizens: Social Media video shocked over Bengaluru schools girls fight video that is surfaced on Wednesday and shared thousands of thoughts over the girls fight video.  As per the video,  there were two groups of girls- one wore the school uniform and another group was in casual dress. The video shows the girls fighting violently by pushing, slapping, and thrashing each other. The girls were pulling badly to harm each other. One of the girls from the group had baseball sticks that she was using to thrash down another girl. Later the sticks passed to one another and the girls were fighting with them. There were lots of noises coming from the background like crying, screaming, and all. They were arguing on a high note but the matter was not clear. For more news follow

Bengaluru schools girls fight video went viral:-

Later the unconfirmed source claimed that Yogesh, a schoolboy is the root cause of the dispute.  All the actions of the girls were so quick as the fight turned so violently till the bystanders come to stop the fight. Well, the timing of the fight has not cleared it.  Onlookers have intertwined the fight and after all the girls vanished in a bit from there.

Girls Fight Video Due to a boy:- 

Bengaluru schools girls’ fight video got viral in no time. Many rumors have been doing rounds on the internet to know the exact reason for the fight.   The boy, Yogesh is getting a lot of attention as it has been claimed, that he was the reason for the fight. As per the sources, this is a matter of love and Yogesh is the boyfriend of one of the girl’s groups. People are excited to know more stories tags in this love matter.

One social media user said,” Yogesh is the smart and lucky boy as all the girls of the schools are crazy for him”. The next one said.”  Ah! Girls can be part of a street fight with the stick, so strange but all are the brave girls and set a  new standard of the fight for us. Thanks”.  Another next one said,” I was too shocked to see the schoolgirls were fighting in the video violently without any fear”. Some Others also are posting various photos and videos to depict the reaction of Yogesh.

Who did start the fight? That is not clear in the girl’s fight video. But the way of fighting the girls was dangerous as they wanted to hit hard to each other. Well, we are hoping that the school authorities and parents of the girls will detect the real matter of the fight and solve the matter calmly.

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