Really! Is it true, that Eddie Nketiah gets ‘Arsenal Final Contract’ offer while Gunners were confident he will stay

Really! Is it true, that Eddie Nketiah gets ‘Arsenal Final Contract’ offer while Gunners were confident he will stay: As the contract of striker Eddie Nketiah is set to end shortly, many teams are looking forward to booking the player for the next season. In this regard, he has also received Arsenal Final Contract offer recently. They had earlier tried a lot to get him into the team but he has not obliged such requests in the past. The team has now given their final offer to the player and it is time to see the reaction of the striker to the latest offer. For more worldwide news follow

Eddie Nketiah gets an offer for  ‘Arsenal Final Contract’

According to many top players and organizers in the game, Nketiah is likely to stick with Gunners this time. When Gunners authorities were contacted in this regard, they mentioned that they are confident about retaining Nketiah for the upcoming season. Even other teams which tried to get the striker in the past have a similar opinion about the current situation.

Interestingly, many clubs were looking forward to sign the ace striker on a free transfer as his current contract is set to end in the next six weeks. Arsenal Final Contract was also part of the attempts made to get the player. He is in top form and has done an excellent job in recent matches. This is the reason he is getting lot of attention from different clubs.

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta:-

Gunners boss Mikel Arteta had earlier said in an interview that they have no idea to give up Nketiah as he is such a valuable player for the team. They want to continue the contract with the player for the upcoming season as well according to sources. As several teams are trying to get him on board, Gunners are still confident that Nketiah will stay with them in the near future.

  'Arsenal Final Contract'

Arsenal had earlier tried to get him into the team but failed. The Arsenal Final Contract may not do much according to sources as Nketiah had clearly rejected earlier offers. The exact details about the offer is not yet made public but sources say that the offer is very big for the player.

The 22 year old ace striker is going out of contract shortly and many clubs like Crystal Palace and West Ham put in similar offers to get him on their side. They were expecting to get him on free transfer but failed to do so in the past. The striker is in excellent form with five goals in the last seven matches.

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