Andrew Symonds Cause of Death: Former Test Cricketer Andrew Symonds Dies in Auto Accident on Saturday night

Andrew Symonds Cause of Death: Former Test Cricketer Andrew Symonds Dies in Auto Accident on Saturday night: A road accident has taken the life of the Former Australian test cricketer, Andrew Symonds, on  Saturday and the news broke out among the public on Sunday. As per the reports, the legend of cricketer has died in a single-vehicle auto accident on Saturday night and the accident spot was nearby his home about 50km from Townsville in northern Queensland. Police are investigating the incident that happened last night. For world, news follow

Andrew Symonds Cause of Death: Explained:-

As per the police information, the accident has taken place at 11 pm and the car was being driven on the Range Road, near Alice River Bridge when it left the roadway and rolled.  The emergency services have reached there to survive the 46-year-old driver and sole occupant but he died of his injuries.

Disheartening: Andrew Symonds Cause of Death 

Andrew Symonds cause of death

He was legand of the circket. He was outstanding during his international playing career. He was a brilliant all-rounder cricket player and left all of us in deep grief.  Andrew Symonds has played 26 matches for Australia and posted 2 centuries but he was well known as a limited over specialist. He has performed well in the 198 one-day international for Australia and contributed also to making the nation proud as the World cup winner two times.

Andrew Symonds legend cricketer:-

The legend served as the best commentator for cricket broadcasters after his retirement.  All the fans and family are feeling devasted.  He married Brooke  Symonds in 2004 but he has parted ways with her wife after one year in 2005.  The cricketer was survived by his wife and two young children  Chole and Billy. Her wife also expressed her pain to the reporter and said, ‘ I am so much worried about their kids’ future and how I am gonna handle all the things”.

The rest family members also expressed their grief on Instagram.  And all are also appealing for the privacy to handle the sudden death of their beloved one.

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Allan Border Statement:-

Allan Border (Former Australian captain) paid tribute to the superstar of the cricket world on Sunday,”   he used to hit the ball in a long way only to entertain his fans and audience”.

Allan Border stated to the Nine Network,  “ He was different and a little old–fashioned cricketer. Besides his professional life, he was also good in his personal life. He loved adventures such as fishing, hiking, camping, and so on. He was famous among fans due to his very laid-back style”.

Andrew Symonds’s death is a big loss for Australia and all of us.  May! God bless him peace!

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