American Rapper Cardi B Posts Supportive Tweets About Sexual Assault Awareness Month: ‘No Means No!’

American Rapper Cardi B Posts Supportive Tweets About Sexual Assault Awareness Month: ‘No Means No!’: Recently on Thursday Cardi B spoke out openly about the Sexual AssaultAwareness Month by tweeting a post. And emphasized on ‘No Means No’, everyone has to understand it. No matter what are you wearing and how are you talking. Most importantly, what’s your lifestyle? It’s is your life and you have to right to live on your terms and condition.

So, this is high time to speak out, if you are facing any kind of sexual assault on your family and friends and take immediate action towards it. You are not the culprit, your clothes are not reason, and your beauty is not a sin for you, it’s the mistake of the monster who does this.

Don’t feel any shame to speak out about any sexual misconduct you have faced.  Face them and punished them, this is only the way to stop the sexual assault and harassment.

29 years old rapper also spoke about Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which occurs every  April month and encouraged their fans to speak up about sexual assault without any guilt and shame.


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Cardi B also showed concern about the kids as sick people are everywhere. Kids are not safe even in school, daycare, and all.  Whether your kid is a boy or girl need to be trained to speak out openly to the parents if they are facing any uncomfortable situation anywhere.

You should tell your kids ‘ No One Can Touch your Private Part, If anyone doing, tell your teachers and parents.  Make Aware of your kid about this bullshit and help them speak out about sexual assault without any hesitation or fear.

The mother of two kids daughter Kulture, 3, and a 7-month-old son Wave, further stated that we should train our kids from an early age [sic], ”not to be afraid to tell about any uncomfortable situation to your mom and dad”.  She delivered a message to the parents also, we can’t forget our children. The sick people are everywhere, so train your kids, there is no secret between me and you. And you can share anything with me without any fear anytime.

The rapper has shared her concern with followers clearly to stay safe and lower the stigma around discussing sexual misconduct.

After sharing both posts, fans also responded with more suggestions for the safety of kids who experience sexual assault.

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