Amber Heard petition 2022:- She did not make a $3.5 M donation to ACLU from the divorce settlement received from Johnny Depp:

Amber Heard petition 2022: She did not make a $3.5 M donation to ACLU from the divorce settlement received from Johnny Depp: It came as a surprise for everyone in the court when Amber Heard finally admitted to not making the $3.5M donation to ACLU which she had earlier claimed to have done. She however blamed Depp for the situation as he had filed a $50 million lawsuit against her and she was left with no option to pay the charity amount as promised while getting the $7 million divorce settlement. For more breaking news follow

The exact amount of Amber Heard petition 2022:-

This went totally against her earlier claims that she had made the donation. She had even mentioned on several TV  shows that she had donated a total of $7 million out of which $3.5 million was done to ACLU and others went to Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. Even in her 2020 libel case against Depp in the UK, she had claimed under oath that she had donated the settlement to charity.

Heard testified today in court that she fully intends to honor the pledges made by her earlier with regards to donation but Depp is making things difficult for her by filing different cases. Earlier, ACLU COO and General Counsel also testified in the case and mentioned that only $1.3 million had been received from Heard.

Settlement of Amber Heard petition 2022:-

Amber Heard petition 2022

Heard also mentioned that she accepted the settlement from Depp not because she cared for money but out of fear that the case may be overturned if she did not accept any amount. She also mentioned that she was not interested in his money and just wanted to leave him forever. However, she alleged that Depp was leaking stories about divorce to the media and this affected her privacy. She asked him to stop and he imposed several conditions in order to stop such behavior.

Many other allegations were made from Amber Heard’s side in the court. She said that her life was getting difficult due to Depp as anyone who supported her was threatened and she was getting isolated. She also mentioned that Depp tried to spoil her career post-divorce.

The demand of settlement Amber Heard petition 2022:-

Amber Heard petition 2022

Depp’s supporters also testified in court and they said that Heard had initially demanded $4 million in 2013 and later increased it to $7 million. Apart from that, Depp also had to pay his legal charges to Heard and all the debts they had during the marriage. In total, Johnny Depp seems to have paid in excess of $14 million as settlement charges.


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