Alistair Griffin with Robin Gibb legend of Bee Gees released a collection of song

Alistair Griffin releases special collection of songs written with Bee Gees legend Robin Gibb: Singer and song writer Alistair Griffin has found the best way to pay tribute to his mentor Robin Gibb. The songwriter has released a song written by Gibb ten years after his death. Interestingly, Alistair was discovered on BBC talent show Fame Academy in and Robin Gibb became his mentor.

Alistair gained good name in the industry for writing several anthems. Apart from that, he was also part of several campaigns for Sky Sports’ Formula One and Tour de France. Robin Gibb who was one of the judges of Fame Academy mentored Alistair and this provided a good opportunity for the young talent to improve his skills.

He has now paid the best tribute to his mentor Gibb by releasing a collection of songs to commemorate the death anniversary of Robin Gibb. This happens to be the 10th death anniversary of the legendary writer. The collection of songs is available both on CD as well as digital format.

During his stint at Fame Academy, Alistair got good support from Robin who encouraged his voice on many occasions. After the completion of the series, Alistair got an invitation from Robin to record a duet on re-recording of “My lover’s Prayer” which was written by Robin for Bee Gees. It was released alongside another single of Alistair Bring it on. It got good success and managed to reach the 5th spot on UK singles chart.

The young singer got one more opportunity to perform with Robin at the Magnet Tour of Germany in 2005 for the song “My Lover’s Prayer”. Alistair has always admired working with Gibb and mentioned on many occasions that it was a blessing to work with such a legend and not everyone gets to work with him.

The new song “Forever Today” released by Alistair was composed many years ago and it was done along with Gibb. However, it remained unpublished all these years and Alistair decided to bring it in front of the audience on Robin Gibb’s 10th death anniversary. Bee Gees fans are excited about the announcement and they hope that it works well for Alistair. The collection of songs will also feature the track co-written by Gibb and Alistair.

The tracks released on May 16 and fans are supporting the effort of Alistair to pay tribute to the legendary song writer. Gibb had always appreciated the voice of Alistair and this is the best tribute he could expect from the young talent.


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