Obituary of Alan White cause of death,  funeral Details, health problems, and wiki

Obituary of Alan White cause of death,  funeral Details, health problems, and wiki: The Longest served drummer of the rock band Yes is no more with us now. He died on 26th May 2022 at the age of 72. According to doctors, he was suffering from a short illness. He was counted as the most versatile and talented drummer in this band. For more news follow

Obituary of Alan White cause of death,  funeral Details, health problems, and wiki: Everything to Know Here:-

Next month he was supposed to finish 50 years with this band. Although, he was not the original drummer of this band. The original drummer of the Yes band will Bruford and he replaced him in 1972. When he joined yes, they were working on their 5th Album. And he was given only 3 days to learn about the band and its everything as after that they had a concert in Dallas, Texas. And he did it and made them pleased.

Alan White Obituary

Before that also he was working on some small projects, but his life was changed when he got a phone call from John Lennon, who saw him playing drum somewhere in a London Club. He wanted him to join this band as a drummer as he was flat on his performance at that time.

When Alan was 6 years old, he started taking lessons in piano from his father. When he was practicing it at the age of 12, one of his uncles noticed him and said he can do something extraordinary. And because of him only, he got his first break, when he was just 13 years old. He joined his first band- Downbeats and did a wonderful job for that and never looked back after that.

He played his most recent album The quest in 2011.

Alan White wiki

Alan White was an English drummer and a songwriter. He was born on 14th June 1949 in Pelton, County Durham, England to his parents Raymond and Mary. His father used to do many works, such as shopkeeping and driving. And he was a musician also, who used to play piano in Pubs.

He was very famous for his progressive rock band- Yes. Its original drummer was Bill Bruford and he replaced him in 1972. Before his death, he was counted as the longest-remaining member of the band. He worked for 42 albums with this band.

In 2017, he was introduced as a member of yes the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He started working in 1967 and never looked back and became a famous drummer in the music world.

And recently he died on 26th May 2022 due to some illness.

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