The trio of killers stripped ‘wheeler dealer’ father-of-five naked and ‘tortured’ him by beating him to death:

The trio of killers stripped ‘wheeler dealer’ father-of-five naked and ‘tortured’ him by beating him to death: It was a senseless attack, the Prob is going on. The trio of the machete-wielding thugs was arrested in the murder case of a person, a father of five, nicknamed Del Boy. They used machetes and wooden handles to torture and beat him until he died. The victim Carl Woodall, 44, suffered several injuries and his body was spotted in a unit on an industrial estate in Rowley Regis, West Mids, in June last year.

The person Mark Campbell, Simmion Goldbourne and James McGhee were recognized and arrested in his murder case through a CCTV camera and some links that made Carl Woodall connected to the men.

Jurors at Wolverhampton Crown Court declared that he was conscious after the attack and the man died from a traumatic brain injury. Campbell, 39, and Goldbourne, 28, were accused of murder while McGhee, 28, committed his crime at Wolverhampton Crown Court. The detective also found the information about the secret meeting of Campbell and the victim’s stepsons in the jail in 2018 and seemed in contact with one of them in June 2021. The officers revealed that he spent some time in a hotel and then arrived at Doulton Trading Estate near the murder scene. It seemed that he has a quarrel with the with Mr Woodhall’s stepsons and left the place with his companion some days later;


The victim was a wheeler-dealer selling items on eBay. As per the reports, the victim broke his partnership with his partner and shifted in a caravan in a rented unit at the industrial estate. All three men entered his unit with the machete and knives and attacked him that leaving him with several injuries. All the actions of the killers had been captured on a camera. The police found his body the next day.

After Wednesday’s verdict, the detective and police stated that the dealer had died in horrible circumstances and we could not imagine his pain until he took his last breath. Carl was a noble person and father of five kids. And we are hoping the verdict at court today will give relief to his family.

In a statement, the victim’s family said,” he was a calm person and loved his kids so much. He was helpful to others and he didn’t deserve this horrible death. We will not able to find out the root cause of his death till now. His death was a big loss for us. We always missed the beloved person in our memories and thoughts”.

The gang of three will be sentenced tomorrow.

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