4 strongest One Piece characters who Zoro can beat (and 4 that Sanji can beat)

4 strongest One Piece characters who Zoro can beat (and 4 that Sanji can beat): Landing in Wano Country is a significant turning point for the series. You will see Zoro and Sanji have got much stronger in one piece. And Luffy gets a chance to prove his strength against the likes of Kaido.

 The scenario would be interesting how the Zoro and Sanji protect their pirate captain.

4 characters that the potent fighter Zoro can beat: Feeling Anxious 

 Eyes on:-

King: – The king is Lunarian and capable of creating fire from his body. To fight with the king is a challenging task. He can manipulate the fire in various ways. However, Zoro breaks the stereotype of his firepower and figures out how it works to defeat the king badly.

Charlotte Katakuri: The character is the master in the art of Haki which makes him a tough opponent for Zoro. But Zoro has better physical stats right now to help him to conquer the Charlotte Katakuri.

Marco: – Marco is the strongest character in the One-piece as he knows how to fly with their Devil Fruits and how to use the fire to win the fight. The major fact is that he also has the power to regenerate himself. But now the Zoro is enough strong to fight against the fire and Haki both and that is enough to defeat him.

Yamato:- She has superior power to get overcome her opponent. She has perfection in Raimei Hakke to hit hard. She knows how to turn into Mythical Zoan, which grants her ice powers. But Zoro knows the technique Moja no Tawamure to defeat her.

The strongest One Piece characters that Sanji can beat:-

Donquixote Doflamingo: -Now the physical stat of Sanji has increased due to the Ifrit Jambe technique which burns a light blue flame. Now he can defeat commanders with a higher bounty than Doflamingo.

Queen: –With the power of Ifrit Jambe, Sanji can deliver a powerful combo attack via Bœuf Burst. It is powerful enough to defeat the queen.

King:-Sanji is faster than Zoro and able to save himself with the king’s swerve attack. He would use the Ifrit Jambe against the king as he knows how the king’s body works.

Charlotte Katakuri: – The fight won’t be easy but Sanji’s great speed and strength are the powerful weapons to manage the dodge attack of Charlotte Katakuri.


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