Tomorrow season 1, episode 13 recap – “Spring”

Tomorrow season 1, episode 13 recap – “Spring”: Memories are a beautiful part of our life. Sometimes we feel overjoyed with them and sometimes we feel to forget them and want to move on in our life.  How strange they are? Everybody is embedded with lots of memories but we don’t want to share them with anyone. It is like we are locked with these memories and don’t want to give its key to anyone.  After all, these are ours and we want to keep them in any part of our hearts. That’s the mess that Joong-Gil and Ryeon find in themselves. And this is the base of the episode of the “spring”.

 Here is the recap of episode 13:-

The case is based on a 91-year-old woman named Bok-hui and her friend.  Bok-hui was highly connected with her friend as they both grow up together. Because of some financial issues,  Bok-hui forced her to join a Job in Japan factory. But the factory pushed her internment and eventual role as a prostitute. Recruit Bo-Yun is also working with her was like Joong-Gil. He was also involved in this occupation.

Most probably, the Colonial occupation is the base of these kinds of harrowing stories and we see that concept on high in the “Spring” episodes. Jeong-mu tried to interpret Yun to take out themselves from this darkness. She talked Jeong-mun out of suicide. She was injured but held her positivity to short out the problem of their life and also bought other girls time to escape even at great physical cost to herself.

Later Jeong-mun had to bear the consequence of her positive actions to save the other girls. Her parents were falling ill and passed away in her absence. But she was able to reduce her guilt for Bok-hui and told her, “ We two are here and safe and you should proud of her”. But the twist of the episode is that Bo-Yun is Yun-I, having been escorted by Joong-Gil way back when and become a Reaper just to be met with her old friends.

This is the touching story of the girls escaping themselves from the darkness. They found attached to themselves. It is an emotional drama and surely hit the audience at the right time. Watch the latest episode tomorrow to experience a more emotional drama of the series.  Tomorrow’s episode will one of the best episodes of the whole season.

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