Russians second failed attempt to cross the river:

Russians second failed attempt to cross the river: Ukraine destroyed the whole battalion Russians were trying to cross the Donbas river on 8th May and lost the whole battalion.  While they were trying to cross the river, Ukraine caught them in between only and destroyed them all.  Russians lost more men and the rest of the people were forced to swim for their safety.

Putin’s army was trying to save people and vehicles, which were stuck on the Donets riverside. Their first try was on 8th May. And their pontoon bridges were sunk by an artillery barrage, which could destroy more than 1000 soldiers.

But this mission was out before time only. We can see that sunken pontoon bridge via a satellite image. According to the Ukraine Investigation site, Russia has lost 70 vehicles and 2 battalion teams were also seen there.

According to Kyiv, Russia is at a big loss these days and since last month they are not able to do anything big. As we know that Russia has failed in getting Bilohorivka from Ukraine. Now they are trying to get it from Severodonetsk’s side, by road to road fighting. 

Since Ukraine has destroyed the bridge, in this case they have to cross the river to obtain Lysychansk. If Russia will be able to seize these two cities then they will be able to announce that the Luhansk region has been free from Ukraine’s control. 

But still, they have to face a big fight in between also when they will be crossing the river by the alternate way like swim also. There, Putin may win this small victory and feel like the winner of this war in Donbas. This small victory may push Putin to go further and try more things. 

Though there is some kind of peace deal between both of them, Russia has the proper manpower to win the race. But still, anything can happen. Their satellite images are getting viral these days.

Ukraine Vs Russia War

As everyone knows that there is a war between Russia and Ukraine. It was started on 24th Feb 2022. Relations between the two countries were not good since 2014 and are the bilateral ties between these two countries. And since Feb 2022, an official war was announced. And if Russia could have started their war with a Nuclear bomb, then it had to be a World War 3. As Putin always use to say that he would start dropping a nuclear bomb on Ukraine.


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