25 equity mutual fund schemes have been operational for 25 years and have an average return of roughly 17%.

Breaking news for the investors: DSP Flexi Cap Fund completes 25 yrs, delivering 19.1% CAGR returns: The manager of the DSP Flexi Cap Fund has announced to the public, that its investors have drawn out 19.1 percent on the annual basis from its Flexi cap fund during the journey of 25 years. What do you say? Isn’t that great news for you? For more updates follow onbreakingnews.com

DSP Flexi Cap came into the market in late April 1997, it is surprising the Flexi cap fund has an AUM of  Rs 7,661 in March 2022 and is among its flagship funds.

The fund has completed its 25 years with great success. The team has a proven portfolio of tremendous success in the different markets. And the fund delivered returns of 19.1 percent ( in compounded annual growth rate) since inception.

DSP Flexi Cap’s financial manager and the team claimed investment of 1 lakh at inception is worth over Rs 78 lakh and is the most beneficial deal for the investors. While invested in Nifty 500 is only Rs 31.74 lakh. Now, you can make a comparison between the two options and make a better investment decision for you.

AtulBhole and Abhishek Ghosh have been managing compounded annual return growth of the fund and every 10 years of the period they will offer a minimum of 6.9 percent and a maximum of 33.5 percent benefit on the investment.

DSP Flexi Cap Fund has proven that it provides a disciplined investment framework to earn the maximum profits among the many market financial cycles and units.

“The long-term growth that we got in 25 years credit goes to our 36 investors who invested at inception and remain with us till today”, managing director, Kalpen Parekh, chief executive announced in the statement on Monday. In the future also we will return you an unexpected benefit over your investment. Now our unit is managing about 35 investors and claiming also for the best return benefits on the investment.

Flexi Cap Fund offers different fund plans and mutual funds as per the suitability of the investors. If you invest for 5 years and more with any fund unit then obviously you expect gains that at least beat the inflation rate as well as returns from fixed income options. We will offer you the same but you should be prepared for so many ups and downs in the making money process for you.



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